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Why study Architecture at La Salle?

1 For professional and social recognition of the unique characteristics of La Salle-trained architects based on the specific and differentiating teaching methods of our school. The perfection of the works of La Salle-trained architects is the consequence of an architect accustomed to the complete development of projects. Students work on the different aspects affecting determination of architectural form: composition, construction, structure, planning, adaptation to the environment, sustainability, economics, etc.
2 A faculty made up of Catalonia’s most prestigious professionals who combine their professional activity with teaching classes at the university. Dr. Robert Terradas, Director of Architecture La Salle, is an architect of landmark buildings worldwide, and leads a team of internationally renowned professors with projects on 5 continents.
3 The non-departmental faculty of Architecture La Salle, the only one of its kind in the country, allows students to take the multidisciplinary “Project Development Workshop”. In this course we carry out Executive Projects with teachers from all subject areas. This workshop reflects the interrelation of degrees, characteristic of our school. It consists of the development of the final project of the prior year throughout the following year, to create a finished project of professional-level quality. In this way the Final Project of the Degree is presented as the natural development of the culminating exercise of the final year.
4 The core curriculum with Building Engineering. The Undergraduate degree in Building Engineering is the first of its kind in Catalonia and one of the first in Spain to have been evaluated favorably in accordance with the new European Higher Education Area (Bologna). At La Salle, Architects and Building Engineers study the first course together and work as a team; likewise, throughout the rest of their studies, Architects and Building Engineers continue to work together just as they will in their professional careers.
5 The application of new technologies. The La Salle School of Architecture was created out of the School of Engineering, with its 100 years of history and contacts with technologies companies. This technological aspect is key. The architect should be able to dominate technologies and apply them to design, representation and calculations. For this reason, Architecture studies incorporate technological tools and innovation in order to adapt to the current needs of society and integrate technology as a differentiating factor in their work.

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