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An educational system that promotes the interrelation of subjects and the integration of knowledge surrounding the architectural project, with ongoing evaluation of the skills needed to practice the profession.

La Salle has maintained an ongoing commitment to pedagogical innovation. An example of this commitment is the Guide to the assessment of skills in the field of Engineering and Architecture, published in 2009 by the Agency for the Quality of the Catalan University System (AQU), coordinated by La Salle. This guide describes a methodology to be applied to architecture studies, a model of student-centered learning proposed by the European Higher Education Area and its educational concepts: skills, competencies, learning outcomes, etc. Since it’s founding, the School of Architecture La Salle has developed a learner-centered methodology that is apparent in its innovative teaching methods.
Here are some of them:

SDR Representation Systems

The Representation Systems course is an open and participative space that relates diverse subjects based on the integration of information and communication technologies: the theory of art and architecture, aesthetics and composition, graphic design and visual communication, visual studies and representation. The interrelation among diverse disciplines creates a place for knowledge that transcends the limits of the individual. The collaborative learning environment of SDR: NETWORKING (designed and specially developed by the search group ARC) is an essential component of this educational model. The innovative character of the teaching methodology developed around the SDR course has been recognized with the distinction Vicens Vives, granted in 2010 by the Generalitat de Cataluña for its use of information and communication technology in order to surpass the borders between disciplines and subjects in higher education.

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ARC Search Group
Architecture Computing Representation

ARC is a multidisciplinary group dedicated to the design, development and application of information and communication technologies (IT) in aspects of architecture: teaching, projects and research. The group was founded in 1999 and in 2009, it was officially recognized as a research group by AGAUR (Generalitat de Catalunya).

During this time, it has carried out various educational and research projects, the results of which have been published in journals and professional conferences.

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Urban Development and Projects Workshop

This workshop trains architects to be capable of developing a project from its conception to conclusion and therefore, to be prepared to enter and improve society.

ARQPRESS – Digital Journal on Contemporary Architecture

ARQPRESS, the learning environment developed by the search group ARC, is a space for students to disclose, via the Internet, their reflections on contemporary architecture.

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Project MATER

FAD (Association that aims to promote design and architecture at the cultural, economic and social levels) and La Salle have worked together on the MATER project, through which projects are developed to offer training, consulting, surveillance, technology and the promotion of innovation in materials. This service is available to students on campus.

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Integrated Technology Business Program

This unique program enhances the interdisciplinary and comprehensive training of engineering, architecture and business management students, who all share space on campus; a program in which students from over 50 nationalities share their way of understanding the world and which allows them to simulate real job-related situations, working across disciplines to develop the culminating project of their degree.

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