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Admission Process

The admission process begins on December, 2015 and remains open until the program is full. It is recommended that you to start the admission process before finishing your pre-university studies submitting the required documents at the moment of application.

  1. Fill in the online admission form
  2. Submit the documents requested.
    1. Email us a digital image of your passport or other valid ID.
    2. Email us a digital “passport style” photo.
    3. Email us a motivation letter in the language you plan to study in, explaining the reasons why you want to study the bachelor degree program you have chosen at La Salle Campus Barcelona (one page maximum).
    4. Academic documentation:
      1. If you are studying in the Spanish education system:
        1. Baccalaureate: The first and second year grades (to date) and the grades for the PAU if you already have them.
        2. Vocational Studies: CFGS first and second year grades (to date).
      2. If you are studying in another country, outside of the Spanish education system:
        A recommendation letter written by a counselor, Program Director or teacher from your last year of studies.

        1. For EU, China, Switzerland or other countries with bilateral agreements:
          • European Baccalaureate Diploma or International Baccalaureate Diploma, if already successfully completed.
          • Grades from the final or previous two years of study (to date), and the accreditation from of the National Distance Education University (UNED). Students can obtain this once accepted on to the program.
        2. Other educational systems:
          • Grades from the final or last two courses (to date).
          • Official recognition of the second course of your High School / Baccalaureate studies by the Spanish Education Ministry.
          • University Access Exam (PAU) by the UNED.

          If you do not take the University Access Exam (PAU) and you are admitted to study at La Salle, you will only be eligible to obtain the institutional-level degree from La Salle on the successful completion of your studies.
          Grades can be submitted in Catalan, Spanish or English.

      3. If you are studying or have studied at another university.
        You are required to send your academic record from the institution, stating clearly the program name. You will then be required to complete a document with your transfer proposal.
      4. Other cases.
        If your situation does not correspond to any of those explained above, please contact the Admissions Department
    5. International students must include a receipt of the payment of 100 € (non-refundable) as admission process fee.

      IBAN: ES37 0049 4750 1921 1601 7071
      Bank: Banco Santander Central Hispano
      Address: c/ Mandri, 34 – 08022 Barcelona (Spain) +34 93 2127035
      In the FIELD Description: Please indicate the COMPLETE STUDENT NAME AND COUNTRY. The bank transfer receipt should be sent to, with the applicant name and last name indicated on it.

    6. If you plan to study the bachelor degree program in English and your pre-university studies were not in English (minimum 2 years) you must include a test of English as a Foreign Language level or take our online test (access will be given after you request the admission and you submit the required documents). The exams that we recognize and required levels are: TOEFL (iBT) 90-110, Cambridge Advanced English or IELTS 6-7.
      All the documents have to be in a digital format and must be included with the online application form of La Salle.
  3. Evaluation of the candidates
    For the evaluation you do not have to come to La Salle. The evaluation is individual and you should present the following exercise with the rest of the documents:

    • Bachelor Degree in Architecture: You must present an artistic book with the following 6 drawings: A horse and a dinosaur, a person sitting down reading a newspaper, a Greek temple, the interior of a living room in perspective (it should include large windows, sofa and armchairs, table, television and a bookcase), a bicycle, a fishermen boat in perspective. This exercise is to evaluate your aesthetic, drawing and creativity abilities, as well as your capacity to observe, understand and interpret the environment.
    • Bachelor Degree in Engineering: If you work on a research project during your pre-university studies, you must give us a digital copy of your work. Otherwise, you must write a two-page text explaining a technological idea you would like to implement when you finish your course. We suggest the following examples: Create a videogame, design a mobile application, an electronic device that improves quality of life, a musical instrument, a technology or application relating to the audiovisual industry.
    • Bachelor Degree in Business: Choose a company form the “FORTUNE 500” that interests you and explain in your own words how it uses technology to obtain competitive advantages in the market. This exercise is to evaluate your reasoning abilities and your knowledge of the current business and management world. The text must be no longer than 2 pages long.

    If you have taken the international tests of SAT or ACT you may present your results and they will be taken into account in your admission.

  4. Personal Interview
    If the Admission Committee considers it necessary, you may be asked to do an interview at our campus or online.
  5. Acceptation
    La Salle will inform you by e-mail or telephone as to your acceptance for the Bachelor Degree program you want to study within a period of 15 days after the submission of the required documents. We will then give you the instructions to complete your enrollment.
  6. Scholarships
    Scholarships can be applied for once a candidate has been admitted to the program. There are several scholarship opportunities with different application processes. For more information consult La Salle Scholarship Programs.
  7. Reserve your place
    • Bachelor Degrees in Architecture or Engineering: A payment of 700€ is required in order to reserve your place on the program. 100€ covers the administration cost of opening your academic record and the remaining 600€ goes towards the tuition fee.
    • Bachelor Degree in Business: A payment of 2.000€ is required in order to reserve your place on the program. 100€ covers the administration cost of opening your academic record, and the remaining 1.900€ goes towards the tuition fee.

    These payments are only refundable in case of the student being unable to complete the admission process (e.g. failing to meet the La Salle entry requirements). Please send your payment receipt to the Academic Secretary by email to:

  8. Enrollment
    Once you have reserved your place, you will receive the pre-enrollment form which indicates the instructions and the total amount that should be paid before the beginning of the course. The enrollment is not complete until the total fee has been paid. If the student decides not to study at La Salle once the course has started, this enrollment fee will not be refunded. Please send your payment receipt to the Academic Secretary by email to: For more information about payment conditions please ask the Academic Secretary: · Tel: +34 932 902 411


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